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How to appear interesting without actually being interesting

"I am interesting. Really."

Today I realized something. Something really refreshing, inspirational, and potentially destructive.

BOW TIES are the one universal thing that can make anyone interesting.


I’ll even go out on a limb and say it makes ANYTHING interesting.

Before you start erring and ugh-ing, think of someone you think could be interesting. Or instead of thinking for yourself, you can also let me do the thinking for you. Look at the photo above.  That’s Tim Lincecum of the San Francisco Giants. You may know him as “The Freak,” “Timmy,” or “that one babyfaced pitcher from the Giants.” Is Timmy interesting? Perhaps. Probably more so because of his pitching talent than his entourage of two and low-key personality.  Note here that I’m not comparing him to his fierce and beardy teammate, Brain Wilson (pictured below).

"Look at my cheetah, look at my shorts."

However, by putting on a bow tie, Timmy has upgraded himself from kinda cute star pitcher to kinda cute star pitcher who is also quirky, slightly emotionally unavailable, and shamelessly clever. Think Doctor Who and Albert Einstein. Additionally, the bow tie classes you up instantly without really messing up your personal style; and it showers you with a sense of refined masculinity, as seen on the martini-drinking and well-manicured James Bond.

Classy AND seemingly emotionally vulnerable to the right woman.

To further support my argument for bow ties are the one universal thing that makes anyone appear interesting, here are some pictures of bow ties on people and things.

So when in doubt, SLAP A BOW TIE ON IT!

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  1. halejj

    Funny stuff. I like it.

    Looks like you might be new to wordpress so welcome from me.

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