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We all know how it ends. The ending of The Final Problem. Sherlock and Moriarty plunge to their deaths and Watson is left heartbroken and sad. All right, that’s chill, bro. I can handle that.

But then Sherlock (BBC) comes around. And takes that “plunge” to a whole new level. That heart-stopping, tear-jerking, mind-blowing finale broke the hearts of millions around world. But of course, Sherlock stuns us again with one more miracle. For us and for his BFF Watson.

The real question is: HOW DID HE DO IT?

After two days of speculation and discussion (in my head and with my friends), the only solid thing we know is this:

Molly Hooper is the key.

"What do you need?"

This episode has whipped Sherlock fans (old and new) into a frenzy across the Interweb. I, for one, am FREAKING OUT. My heart goes out to poor Dr. Watson, who is just so heartbroken and lost without his BFF. While watching that phone conversation between the two, my was biting my lip as tears streamed down my face. The last time I felt so torn was when I was 13 after watching Lion King and lying on my bedroom floor listening to Natalie Imbruglia’s “Torn.” However, I’ve read the Sherlock Holmes books enough to know that Sherlock will return with even more fascinating adventures in which (hopefully, -fingers crossed-) will feature one of my favorite stories from The Return of Sherlock Holmes, “The Adventure of the Dancing Men.”

Before season 3 unveils, I can’t help myself but to dance around (excuse the pun) my theory around the “Reinchenbach Fall.” The only real loose end that did not get a real follow-up was the children’s kidnapping.

Kidnapper + Plastic Surgery = Fake Sherlock (think back: little girl screaming when she saw Sherlock at the police station)

Fake Sherlock + Real Sherlock = Dead Fake Sherlock

Watson + Bicyclist + Hard Cement Ground = Woozy Watson

Real Sherlock + Jumping off a building = Landing on nearby garbage truck or some sort of overhang/shorter building

Woozy Watson + Dead Fake Sherlock = Heartbroken Watson (“My best friend is dead.”)

Dead Fake Sherlock + Molly Hooper = Time of Death for Fake Sherlock/Success/TAKE THAT JIM MORIARTY

Hey, Mr. Moffat, what do you think?

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  1. Tessa Rickart

    I’m dying to find out how he did it. I do agree there has to be some sort of fake sherlock, hence the reason the kidnapped girl was screaming. But I just don’t know how it was done– plastic surgery? mask?
    And did you hear the theory about the rubber ball? In the scene right before his death we see him playing with a rubber ball which, apparently, magicians use to slow their pulses so that they can play dead. Just another interesting tidbit. Anyways, I love this series. Just brilliant, especially for true Holmes fans.

    • Hm… I didn’t see the rubber ball, but that’s quite an interesting theory. Well the pulse thing I feel like is something that’s sort of a side note, especially in contrast to his fall. I’m interested in how he pulled that one off.
      As for the “Fake Sherlock” theory, I’m super convinced that there has to be something behind there especially since it’s a major loose end in the finale. There has to be something there; the kidnapping and the girl screaming definitely happened for a reason. It’s most likely plastic surgery done on the kidnapper. I wouldn’t put it behind Moriarty to go above and beyond to bring Sherlock down.

      Thanks for visiting! Please come back soon :)

  2. Nick Rolfe

    Here we go.

    No fake Sherlock – do we not think that Moriarty is clever enough just to show the girl some press pictures of Sherlock and terrify her into believing he is going to kill her?

    When Watson arrives at the jump scene, the building is in between him and the landing spot, Sherlock tells Watson to stay where he is. There is an assassin watching Watson and if Watson sees Sherlock fall to a fake death and realises it has been faked, Watson, Lastrade and Aunt Sally all die.

    So he jumps…………..

    …………..straight into the tipper which is filled with nice soft bags whilst perhaps we see another body (or something) thwump to the ground to give us a nice sound effect – thanks Molly!

    Sherlock jumps out of the tipper, splashes on some nice blood and squeezes on the ball which is under his armpit, a trick magicians use to weaken (not slow) the pulse to the wrist.

    The tipper drives away – cos let’s face it if you were driving a tipper and someone just thwumped into the ground right next to you, you’d just leave too, wouldn’t you?

    Watson in his daze (after being conveniently knocked over by a cyclist), comes round the side of the building and sees Molly’s medical student friends (all on the promise of a good night out at the student uni bar) come rushing to the scene with a stretcher.

    Watson instinctively grabs Sherlock’s wrist, but in his state of mind wouldn’t have been quite compus mentis enough to feel the very weak pulse (plus someone pulls his hand away) so Watson assumes he is dead.

    So Sherlock ‘dies’, the assassins pack up and Watson and Lastrade all pop round to Aunt Sally’s for a cup of tea and a slice of cake.

    Thanks for coming!

    • That’s a pretty good way to look at it. Although the reason why I’m keen on pressing the “fake Sherlock” point is because that was the only huge loose end in the story that didn’t get any further explanation, so that’s why I feel like there’s a huge amount of potential for that to be the jumping off point in the 3rd season.

      We’ll just have to wait and see though :) Thanks for dropping by!


    ” you repel me ” electro magnet in his coat and on the side walk tossed his phone because the magnet would destoy it . he didn’t land in the box on the side walk because the magnet would slow him down and he would side off to the side right where he landed his fake death was easy drugs is one possibility blood easy. and their was power cable on roof of bus leftover from magnet in sidewalk . that is your answer..


    by the way molly helped him and Moriarty faked his death sherlock knows and could not say the wrong think to Watson.

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